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The Landings is not your typical home watch company run by an individual or couple with limited resources, one person to contact and only basic services. We are an established business operating for over 24 years providing services in Lee County.

All of our employees are background checked, highly trained and tested before entering your home. Our inspectors live in your immediate area and are dedicated to your community, so you get that personal service.

I am sure you know the importance in today’s world of having someone responsible to watch over your investment property at times when you cannot.  Also, if you rent your property to guests, I’m sure you would agree that there’s nothing better than having happy guests who will want to continue renting from you for years to come.  Once again, that’s where we can help YOU.

Having a neighbor stop in periodically as a favor to check your home may initially seem like a good idea. However, when a serious issue arises, or you need someone to take swift action on your behalf, your property can quickly become an imposition to your neighbor. That is why it is important to have a trained professional methodically inspect your home, complete a detailed inspection report per visit, and have the ability to swiftly coordinate licensed professionals to assist in the repair and maintenance of your home when something goes awry.

I make it clear to our clients that we are not home inspectors or mold inspectors. That line of work carries a much different degree of training and state certification. Our job as “homewatch” inspectors is to visually inspect your home and property for obvious issues. If we notice any abnormalities, we immediately report it to you, and assist in coordinating licensed professionals to remedy the situation on your behalf in your absence. Essentially, we become an advocate for you in your absence, as a trusted resource.

We manage and perform home watch inspections, provide concierge services, and coordinate maintenance and service of residential properties. So, if you are an absentee owner and have a vacation home, residential home, or an investment property…then you need US! Remember…unforeseen damage can happen at any time. Your A/C compressor may go out, leaving your home victim to humid and stagnant air, causing the potential growth and spread of mold spores. A ceiling leak from a second-floor condo may cause costly water damage to your property as well. Many things can go wrong in 30 days in an unattended property. That is why we strongly recommend 2-4 homewatch inspection visits per month.

As we watch your home we may find repairs where a specific specialist is needed such as heating and air conditioning. Our teams know specialists in your area and are trained to negotiate for the repair, let the specialist in your home, and monitor their actions until the job is completed. We are licensed, bonded and insured and we only use repair specialists with the same qualifications as well as reduced insurance costs.

Watching Services – Doors, Windows, Gates, Outbuildings, Lighting, Motion Detection, Mail, Vandalism , Security Alarm Functioning, Sense of Presence

Electrical Services – Tripped Breakers, Air Conditioning/Heating, Refrigerator/Freezer, Lighting

Water Damage & Plumbing Services – Leaks, Plumbing Traps, Drains, Backup, Sump Pumps

Pest & Insect Inspection Services – Doorways, Windows, Baseboards

Building Inspection Services – Mold/Mildew, Roof, Walls, Windows/Doors, Water Leaks, Outbuildings

Lawns & Yard Services Inspection – Grass, Landscape, Insects, Animals, Sprinklers, Pool/Spa

Additional Services

Housekeeping – Quick Clean, Scheduled Cleaning, White Glove, Carpet Shampoo, Windows, Blinds

Electrical Services – Bulb Replacement, Alarm Battery Replacement, Other Electrical

Plumbing Services – Repair, Maintenance, Leaks, Lawn Sprinklers, Exterior Winterizing, Hot Water Heater

Heating and Air Conditioning Services – Preventative Maintenance, Repair, Air Filter Program

Pre-storm (Tropical/Hurricane) – Prepare property, Shutters, Severe Weather Information/Planning

Post-storm (Tropical/Hurricane/Tornado) – Photo Report, Repair Monitoring, Cleanup/Repairs

Interior Service Inspections

  • Check for signs of forced entry. Theft or vandalism.
  • Check for signs of pests or insects.
  • Check to make sure all doors and windows are securely locked.
  • Check for signs of water damage on floors, ceilings and walls.
  • Check for leaks around Air unit.
  • Check temperature and humidity readings.
  • Check traps in sinks and tubs, flush commodes.
  • Check back of toilets for and under sinks for leaks.
  • Check circuit breaker box for signs of surge.
  • Check for unusual odors.
  • Check hot water heater for drainage.
  • Check with property owner via e-mail with digital photo and report.

Exterior Service Inspections

  • Visual inspection of home exterior.
  • Look for broken windows. Theft or vandalism.
  • Remove newspapers, flyers, packages, and phone books from front door area.
  • Check mailbox
  • Forward mail if requested (extra charge)
  • Visually inspect gutters and roof for damage.
  • Put trash cans away after home owners’ departure

Opening your home: 
We include this in our monthly pricing.
Most other home watch companies charge $50.00 extra

  • Turn on water.
  • Turn on air-conditioning,
  • Turn on hot water tank.

Closing your home:
We include this in our monthly pricing.
Most other home watch companies charge $50.00 extra

  • Shut water outside.
  • Shut hot water breaker.
  • Turn air to 60% humidity and thermostat to 76.
  • Empty ice maker and shut off.
  • Dispose of garbage if any
  • Make sure all doors and windows are secured
  • Key service for outside contractors—provide access to property for insurance agents. Local contractors, service repairmen. Cleaning services, or other onsite service providers. Lock box fee $10.00 per week.
  • Permanent Hurricane shutter’s closed or opened. $35.00 per hour minimum 3 hours
  • Cleaning services call for pricing – $100.00 and up

Pre-storm inspections with photos for insurance purposes.
$35.00 1st hour plus $25.00 per hour for additional time.

  • Post-storm inspections with photos for you and your insurance company. $35.00 for 1st hour, $25.00 per hour after.
  • Manage and take care of problems for owners who rent their homes. $35.00 per hour
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