Do you have the “Peace of Mind” that you deserve?

We’d love the opportunity to provide it!


HOME EXERCISE: You get a written checklist outlining what we’ve done; testing valves, changing filters, flushing toilets –not just a quick visual walk through– each month.

FULL TIME company offering monthly reports and pictures of any suspicious issues.

TEAM APPROACH: We rotate our inspectors each month so each inspection of your unit doesn’t become “stale”; two sets of eyes are better than one…

24 / 7 EMERGENCY HOTLINE: We get to the problem quickly to minimize damages and inconveniences.

REDUCED INSURANCE COSTS: Most insurance companies offer deductions for regularly scheduled inspections by license, insured professionals.

SEVERAL FINANCIAL PACKAGES: Based on your needs and budgets

FREE “SPOT CHECK”  INSPECTIONS: If were working in your village, we will check our clients’ when time allows units as a courtesy when time allows — because we appreciate your business!

To learn more about our services and pricing, please give us a call.

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