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Contact Us

The Landings Realty, Inc and Corax Services, Inc.

15271 McGregor Blvd, Suite 3
Fort Myers, FL 33908

I’m Jim Corace, owner of The Landings Realty, Inc. and Corax Services, Inc., our remodeling firm. My wife, Lori Emmons, and I have lived and worked in The Landings since 1994.

I’ve built and remodeled residential and commercial properties for over 50 years.

My companies have offered professional Home Watch services within The Landings for over 25 years. We all can agree your home is an investment worth protecting–by Professionals.

Last year during Hurricane Irma, we were very busy protecting many of your neighbors’ homes and kept them aware of the storm’s impact.  If repairs were needed, OUR Home Watch clients got first priority, giving them quick and professional services as soon as possible. And not at the “JACKED UP” prices of those seeing to make a quick buck at your expense….

James E. Corace, Jr.

Office: 239-481-2500

Alter: 239-872-7520

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Lori Emmons

Lori Emmons

Selling real state for 24 years. Voted 5 star professional since 1996. Top producer for last 18 years.

Melinda S. Noel

Jim Corace



Michelle Kozy


Administrative Assistant

James Blackwood


Superintendent of Remodeling

Jennifer Smolarz